Plan Your Wedding with a Hollywood Flair

Plan Your Wedding with a Hollywood Flair

The wedding day is one of the most unforgettable moments in one’s life. When it comes to organizing one, it takes a lot of work to make it come true. Do you wish that your wedding was totally unforgettable totally like Hollywood style? Flashing cameras are everywhere, making yourself beautiful with the best and the perfect makeup. Your groom is also at his best with the best polished shoes. The rush of adrenaline and the host of best wedding planners to make that dream wedding come true. The sophisticated, elegant and glamour look is what you must be looking for. A successful wedding is one when the day goes perfectly to ensure that there is no issue or problems whatsoever.

History of Hollywood weddings?

Yes, Hollywood is rich with completely inspirational weddings. You can greet guests with a long roll of red carpet, velvet rope, and lights. You can also think of hosting your reception and ceremony in a movie theatre where you can cap it off with an evening popcorn bar. Your ticket stubs can also inspire more invitations with paparazzi style of photography. You can ask your guests to play their part by playfully making their way for you as the photographer is stationed outside the door.

You can portray a great story in the wedding halls as you get married that style. Working on that hair can also give a lot when it comes to these weddings. The old Hollywood style is any day a very cost effective way of making your wedding an incredible one with slow romantic music, strands of pearls that will work great into the tablescapes. A vintage pearl ruffle cake also makes for a good choice when it comes to a Hollywood style wedding. A great pair of heels that are beautifully designed is what you will need to walk as elegantly as possible. these heels will also provide the best glamour you are looking for.

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Unique styles which could be followed?

Unique styles which could be followed

Black is the color you must consider for the bridesmaids and groomsmen to be in where they can be beautifully draped in. girls in their retro’s and guys in their tuxes is definitely the best for such a great planned wedding. You can also have a vintage theatre entrance sign which says “now playing” to make it more creative. This will then set in the mood for a rocking party.

Framing quotes from movies and hanging them would give in the décor. You can also have table numbers along place cards and escorts that are easy to design. Make sure that you always keep the tables as rich and luxurious as possible. A great intricate designing will also do the trick.

That’s it! This is how you entertain your guests by keeping them interested as you enchant them with a dose of your own style. What is more beautiful than a wedding that goes so well planned that you will be proud of always. So apply this Hollywood magic to your wedding and make it your dream come true with memories to preserve and share.

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