The Ultimate Wedding and Party Destinations in California

The Ultimate Wedding and Party Destinations in California

Wedding as we all know is one of the most important events of a person’s life and it must be celebrated and performed with love and care. The same holds true when we talk about the wedding and party destination and there are many beautiful and pretty destinations all around the world where this scared event of life can take place. One such place is called as California and offers wide variety of amazing destinations for everybody.

Here are some of the ultimate wedding and party destinations in U.S. California:

How about those Romantic Hideaways?

There are many places in California which offers amazing romantic hideaways. Places such as Carmel Valley which offers Mission ranch and Central coast are perfect for parties and weddings. If you love being close to nature then you can go to Lake Tahoe that has beautiful alpine setting, in case you are looking for luxury then how about hiring a private yacht and enjoy with your family and friends. All an all a perfect place that offers something for everybody.

Luxurious Wine Country

Those mystical vineyards and 5 star resorts offer perfect setting for a wedding destination. Getting married in style and with a local wine in the glass it is like dream come true. There are many lush vineyards in the Sonoma Valley and along the North Coast. The natural beauty of this place is truly mesmerizing. There are many lavish wine estates between Palm springs and Los Angeles. As told earlier this part of the world has something for everybody and you can also visit the low-key wine estates and enjoy with your friends and loved ones.

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California is also famous for those LGBT weddings

LGBT weddings

Those sleek hotels and chic restaurants San Francisco is the most favored destination for LGBT weddings. There are some breathtaking locations that are perfect for every kind of wedding. You can choose from different set of wedding themes that are available and if you are finding it little difficult to decide about the wedding theme then you can go online and search for some excellent wedding theme and decide about the one that you like the most.

Those natural surroundings can make you feel like in heaven

There are many natural surroundings in California and near the state also. Places such as High Sierra, Yosemite NP you can enjoy the wedding party around those granite monoliths and amazing waterfalls. There are amazing mountain locations around Mammoth Lakes. There are many protected and private beaches near the Orange County coast and Laguna Beach. You can also move further down the Sonoma Coast and there are many beaches along the 20 mile coast that has sunning seals and squawking gulls. Those pristine white sands are enough to make your time brighter and enjoyable.

Though there are many more amazing and ultimate wedding and party destinations in California but all those that have been mentioned above are no doubt the best and the most liked. You must explore these locations and enjoy with your friends and family.