Top 5 Places to Visit in Sao Paulo

Top 5 Places to Visit in Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is the largest city in Brazil which is also known as the world’s seventh largest city with regards to its population. People from various parts of the world visit this place to enjoy its wonderful tourist destinations.

The Famous Places To Visit In Sao Paulo

The city is rich in health care facilities, culture, literature and many other art forms.  People having interest in music and art will get a great pleasure by visiting HSBC music hall, Via Funchal, Espaco , Opera theatre, Latin America Cultural centre,  Cultural Artistica, etc.

Museum of Art

In whole of Brazil, Paulista Avenue is known as one among its vital streets.  If you want to start with the tourist spot in the city, the vibrant urban artery is a wonderful place.  The excellent museum of Art is a wonderful tourist attraction in the city. It is worth viewing the art placed inside the Museum.  A well known Modernist architect named as Lina Bo Bardi has created a new plan which is also known as the paramount city landmark.

Bom Retiro and Luz

This place is famous for being the central historic district of Sao Paulo rife with wonderful architecture. This place has great things to offer to the pedestrians.  You can start your journey with Estacao da Luz. It is wonderful experience to visit the museum of the Portuguese language which can easily make a way to Jardim Da Luz. Many people are very lucky to get a ticket to view the concert at Julio Prestes Cultural; centre.

Pinheiros and Vila Madalena

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Pinheiros and Vila Madalena

Many people are attracted to the vibrant night life of the city. If you are among those, Vila Madalena must be your first choice. You must visit this place and have a look at the night life of the city with zeal.  Pinheiros is once again another new downtown of the city where you can find variety of museums, clubs, restaurants, beautiful homes etc.  Since this is quite a wealthy area of the city, you will be quite happy to hang out in the particular city.


If you are visiting Sao Paulo, the festivals should not be forgotten. Brazil is a country with rich festivals along with its spirit of participation. Millions of people are drawn to the Brazilian nation every year to look at the wonderful festivals.  You can get variety of events over here. Some of the best events include Sau Paulo International film festival, Sau Paulo Gay pride Parade, Sao Paulo Art Biennial etc.

Patio Do Colegio

Many people are very fond of the heritages whenever they are in the verge of visiting a place. A Jesuit church and school is a wonderful heritage of this place. This was incorporated in the middle of 16th century.  It is one of the wonderful tourist attraction and also the most important heritage in Brazil.  It is also equipped with the museum as well as the colonial art exibit. Tourist visiting this heritage becomes spell bound with its uniqueness.