Top 6 Restaurants in Rio de Janeiro

Top 6 Restaurants in Rio de Janeiro

There are many countries in the world that are known for their food and Brazil is one of them. When you go to Brazil you will find so many amazing options related to food that you will wish to visit this place again and again.

Top 6 Restaurants in Rio de Janeiro

Here are some of the famous restaurants in Brazil that offer excellent food and great services.


Antiquarius is one of the most popular restaurants in Brazil and specializes in famous Portuguese cuisine. India Travel Guide recommends one of the best traditional restaurants in Brazil and buys the Portuguese cuisine that the country is famous for. This place is also famous for the staple food of Brazil and the signature dish offered by Antiquarius is called Bacalhau a Lagareio which is made from the famous cod fish.


Aprazivel is the second most famous restaurants in Brazil and is situated in the hilly place called as Santa Teresa. The meaning of the word Aprazivel means pleasant and it completely lives up to its name because the food that you eat here definitely gives you pleasant feeling. The food offered in this restaurant is made from fresh Brazilian vegetables that are plucked daily from its famous gardens so that everything that is served is of excellent quality and is totally fresh.


Celeiro is the third most famous restaurant in Brazil and id best known for its buffet. The food that you get here is made available into plates that are measured and you only pay for what you get and hence it seen as a fair deal by everybody and there are many people who prefer to visit this famous restaurant in Brazil.

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Gero is another famous restaurant in Brazil and specializes in Italaian cuisine and it was started by the famous Fasano Group in Brazil. The freshly made Pasta is the signature dish of this famous restaurant.


If you are a meat lover, Porcao is the best place for you in Brazil as it offers steaks that are perfectly cooked and quite juicy and tender. Another name that the locals give to this restaurant is Babi Besar. Places to Visit in Chennai offers all you can eat Barbecue where you can eat as much as you want can by paying a certain amount which is very nominal.


If you are in Brazil and want to taste Brazilian pizzas then this is the most ideal and perfect place for you. The name given to his place is derived from a place near Sao Paulo and also has a initials of Brazil. The Pizzas offered by this famous restaurant is worth giving a try and you must visit this place in order to satisfy your hunger pangs.

So if you are planning to visit Brazil and are worried about food options then there is no need to worry as there are plenty of good and excellent options that are available in Brazil.