Planning to Europe in Holidays
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Planning to Europe in Holidays

Whether you reach your destination during the boring of winter or the frenzy of the summer tourist season, you will have a great time. Yet, if you are lucky enough to be able to select any season, you will want to consider spring and fall to visit the continent. When you decide to go should be based on

  1. When you can get away;
  2. What you want to do while in Europe; and
  3. How much you comfort is affected by variations in weather.

Time in Europe

Europeans be inclined to take their holiday in the summer, especially those with young children. If you are going to Europe to hear the sound of history deep through fortress and cathedrals, you might prefer to go off season when the crowds of locals and tourists thin. On the other hand, if you want to meet people, the warm nights of summer bring individuals into the town squares and onto the streets, letting you experience the communal feeling that makes Europe so special.

Throughout Europe, High season starts in June and ends in September. Most Europeans vacation in July and August. Specific dates when “high season rates” go into effect vary by community or facility, but you will generally pay more for services and find things a bit more packed if you are traveling during the months of July and August.

The advantage of traveling during the “high” season is that every museum, hotel and campground is open and eager to make their season’s profit. This is particularly important to the traveler who wants to visit museums and churches-the summer schedules tend to be longer. The down-side is that additional hours may disappear as you wait in longer lines. The “high” season is the best time for seaside and windsurfing vacations.

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Companies that rent boats and boards are open, snack bars are ready to rent beach chairs and serve drinks, and encampment is in full operation. Until July, you are likely to find cooler temperatures and few facilities available. In September, many of those companies shut their doors for the season.

Those who travel in spring and fall will definitely save money, for most prices are lower during these periods. Europeans who are not traveling with school age children often timetable their vacations in June, when facilities are open and less expensive but while the staffs at hotels and campgrounds are still excited about the upcoming tourist season. Many of the excited, helpful young people who start working in June are tired by the end of August and, perhaps, a little less energetic than they were a few months earlier.