Oslo-Norsk Folkmuseum
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Oslo-Norsk Folkmuseum

The Norsk Folkmuseum is one of the greatest and the most common open air museums around the globe. It is created over a hundred years ago, this museum that has been amusing the people around the world, with one of the most excellent and incredible assortment is located in Oslo, Norway.

This open air museum has an assortment of buildings numbering to a enormous 150 normally set from medieval houses, cottages to houses, apartments illustrating the continuous alteration in the structural design and technique in the Norwegian buildings.

This is one of the greatest attractions in the Gol Stave church that was built in the 13th century. This is the one which you must-see as there are not many of them left around the world. The church is primarily built in the distinctive Christian approach but you can also make out a slight spot of the Viking authority here. At times, they also range folk dances close to the church that are hold up by the populace.

From all the 150 houses, the most of them are the Norwegian houses of various times that obviously depict the alternation in lifestyle with every passing year. Here houses are revealed with an exertion of knowing the way of life and the past of the Norwegians of the medieval times. It is also apparently depicts the different urban and the rural life and how it transformed over the time.

The Sami culture’s is another anthology and different attribute of this museum. They have an enormous anthology of artefacts that shows the power this culture in Norwegians.

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This museum also has various apartments that show the alteration in style and several manipulate the Norwegian architecture had right through the 19th to 20th century. There is old-town; it is also one of the superb buildings from everything from the Christina to the buildings in the Norwegian towns.

The farmhouses are eye candy where the location is packed with slight cottages which are covered with snow that finds like the houses straight out of a fairy story.