Jordan - Explore Ancient Country
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Jordan – Explore Ancient Country

When traveling to Jordan, it is necessary to make a list of what do you like to see. The reason is the abundance of content that Jordan offers and time is never on your side. There are times when we want time to stand still and wait a bit to absorb all the good around us and it is precisely such moment’s makes this Middle Eastern country.

Each of us surely was viewing pictures of the New Seven Wonders of the World mostly because these “miracles” sometimes have incomprehensible beauty. One such place is the fascinating city of Petra, the new wonder of the world. Petra translated means “rock” that will be understandable when you know that the whole city is actually carved into the rock. Those magical places can be reached only by a narrow mountain trail or rocky gorge, which reaches a height of 200 meters.

However, such a “bumpy” road is worth the effort because what awaits you is according to some the most beautiful place in the world. Although once upon a time was an important trading city, in the seventh century, the last residents left the city so we can say that is the “lost“. Later, people believed that it exists, but did not know exactly where it is, until the Swiss researcher did not reveal this city carved into the rock and he immediately put on the list the biggest benefits of mankind. Fascination with the possibility of building the city in the rock leads the visitor.

One of the most important buildings is the Treasury Khazne al-Firaun. The beautiful architectural buildings were built, more precisely, carved in the first century BC, while some still stay in the second century during the reign of Hadrian. You can recognize the great influence of Roman culture and the city of Roman amphitheater which contains a whopping 5,000 places. In addition, the city has many tombs and monasteries that rise with their beauty and function as a work of art sculptor, not a functional building.

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Jordan is wondrous country

Although we can write a lot about Petra, Jordan offers another, no less fascinating place – the desert of Wadi Rum. Most are at the thought of the desert remember the heat, lack of water and tedious expanses of sand. This desert is anything but that. The amazing range of colors is changing depending on the position of the sun, an experience that can never be forgotten. In addition, in the desert, you can experience one of the most beautiful sunset and dawn. After this experience, probably never again you will not look on the same way the nature around you.

It might be fun to tell your friends the story of how you were at the lowest point in the world. Of course, it was the Dead Sea which was located 394 meters below sea level. In addition, the concentration of salt is such that it is impossible to sink. While the taste of water isn’t the most perfect, swimming in it certainly is, and the healing mud can help drain all the bad energy from your body. But at least you can get the same impression from the view of Mount Nebo. The top of that mountain was the place where Moses saw the Promised Land and therefore, that part of the Jordan River, the holiest place in the country. This mountain allows to enjoy views of the Dead Sea, Jerusalem and the Jordan River.

In the end, the Suku Bunga Deposito BRI should have a few lines about Jordan’s capital city, Amman. We can say that he is the exact opposite of everything previously described. The city is described as a modern center not inferior to the leading western centers. However, we are in the Middle East so Amman is made up of two completely different parts. The eastern part of Islam, we might say and conservative. Here you can learn about the lives of traditional Jordanians and understand how they differ from our daily lives. The modern western part is full of cafes, galleries and provides another overview of the residents of the Jordanian capital. But you can’t fully experience and enter Jordanian life if you haven’t visited both parts of the city and experienced all its charms.

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