Travel Rasta – All About Jamaican Culture

Travel Rasta – All About Jamaican Culture

Jamaica represents a cultural atmosphere influenced by its inhabitants; Spanish conquers and even the people residing in Greater Antilles Island. Major contribution with regard to culture was made by the original Taino settlers. The major culture force of Jamaica includes black and slaves.

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They were forced to deal with every type of slavery acts. But, many of them resisted it. Jamaica also experienced abolition of slavery. Just after it, migrants from India and China were transported to an island and were given the status of indentured workers. The official language of Jamaica is English. But, they use local idioms. A local dialect known as Patois is also spoken by people of Jamaica.

Jamaican Culture

Since people with mixed mentality and culture lives in Jamaica, variation of its culture can be easily shown. Since people from various parts of the world have chosen Jamaica as their home, you can view people with different language, food habit and social standard. The cultural atmosphere in Jamaica was Spanish in original sense. Thereafter, it was taken up by English who brought African and black people in form of Slaves in Jamaica. Recently, people from Middle East are very frequently visiting and have an intention to make it a home for them.

Cultural Makeup

People staying in Jamaica are well versed with the cultural makeup. Since, people from different background are residing in this island; they enjoy discussing variety of subjects. But, some people might be very uncomfortable hearing those talks. But, people staying in Jamaica can face any type of consequences with regard to racial discrimination. It is just because, people in Jamaica are well equipped with the cultural makeup.

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Cultural Heritage

Cultural Heritage

People staying in Middle East with different nationalities or Africans share the same island to work and reside. For hundreds of year, culture was a mingling factor on the shores of Jamaica. The mixtures of different religion also define pride heritage in Jamaica. You can come across variety of cultural history in this wonderful island. You can also see the remains of Taino who inhibited in this island before the European discovery. Some of the interesting cultural history is also reflected by the remains of Taino.

Language – A Cultural Factor

Melded culture of Jamaica is reflected through its language. The official language of Jamaica is English. This English language also includes Irish, African, British and Spanish Idioms. If you are visiting Jamaica for the first time, you must be well equipped with the local language. The shoes in Spanish language are Zapatos. You can also learn some African terms while asking for goods and products from the market. The language is also having its root in slavery. The slaves in Jamaican nation were well versed and could combine language of owners along with their African tongue.

Rich Cuisine

Jamaican culture is also reflected in its rich cuisine. You will be able to get the flavors of Aromatic spices in Caribbean kitchen of Jamaica. Marinade is added in almost all type of food items in Jamaican cuisine.