Honeymooning In Sicily
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Honeymooning In Sicily

Standing out as one of the most distinct regions in all of Italy, Sicily is an outstanding choice for those considering honeymoon destinations. With ruins from the days of the Romans, stunning beaches, decadent food, and the dominant presence of Mount Etna, a holiday spent here with your newlywed will be one that the two of you won’t soon forget.

In order to have a trip that takes in the best that Sicily has to offer, we have outlined some basic highlights that you should attempt to see during your time here. Combined with low key days spent at a romantic resort on the coast, you will soon see why honeymooning in Sicily is a trip that many aspire to … so make sure you have the following experiences…!

Unrivaled history

If walking in the footsteps of those that lived thousands of years prior has always been something you fantasized of doing, then there will be ample opportunity to do so in most places that you will travel to in Sicily. The Valley of Temples near Agrigento contains a series of ruins of Greek temples that date back to the 5th century BCE, while Ragusa has an amazing old town that is recognized by UNESCO for its well-preserved Baroque architecture.

If the bones of the past are truly a passion for you both, then make sure you at least see Syracuse, as it contains the ruins of an ancient Greek theatre and an epic piazza that will will surely be the scene of at least one romantic dinner.

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The majesty of Mount Etna

If you are both situated near Cantania, then taking a day trip to see Mount Etna is a realistic prospect. Tour agencies from town can easily arrange the journey, so all you have to do is bring something warm (even in summer, the summit is cold, as it tops out at over 3000 metres / 10,000 feet) and your camera. Sip on some hot chocolate or if you desire something a little harder, some Fuoco dell Etna as you both admire the views sweeping out over the Mediterranean far below.

A culture that can’t be touched

Throughout the many towns and cities of Sicily, you will come into direct contact Majalengka with a culture that is underpinned by passion. From the food markets of Catania, considered to be one of the best in the world according to celebrity chef Rick Stein, to the St. Agata Festival (also in Catania), a three day religious festival that draws out locals in the hundreds of thousands for one of the biggest parties of the year, you will find the culture of this atmospheric island in full effect almost everywhere you turn.