Honeymoon in the Desert Ideas for a Holiday in Phoenix
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Honeymoon in the Desert: Ideas for a Holiday in Phoenix

Looking to take a honeymoon holiday in Phoenix? If you have committed to it, this article will contain ideas that will elevate it to a trip that will trump all others in your life to this point.

1. Plan your trip around the Glendale Chocolate Affaire

If you’re the type to have a winter wedding, contrast the novelty of saying your vows when snow covers the ground by taking off on a honeymoon that puts you into the dry desert sun.

Just make sure you plan it out so that you are in the Phoenix Metro Area around Valentine’s Day, as it is when the Glendale Chocolate Affaire is on.

A festival that sees upwards of 40 vendors compete against each other to produce the best chocolate treats, you’ll be on a high after only a few hours walking the streets of this upscale Phoenix suburb.

2. Go hiking in the Camelback Mountain Echo Canyon Recreation Area

Are the two of you an active couple? If this is you, and your honeymoon has you in the Phoenix area from mid-fall to mid-spring, head out to the Camelback Mountain Echo Canyon Recreation Area Andalas and take a hike through some of the best scenery that the Valley of the Sun has to offer.

Threading its way through and over rusty sandstone highlands, you’ll have a chance to get a look at the flora and fauna that call the Sonoran Desert home. Far from lifeless, it is a biome that will prove to be a life-affirming experience once experienced first hand.

3. Laze about in the warm desert sun at your resort

After escaping the cloudy gloom and the cold back home, you may just want to lounge in the sun for a while.

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That’s totally understandable, and with many properties railing to outdo each other in how fancy their plunge pools are, you’ll have a marvelous place to sun yourself, cool off during the heat of the day, and to keep toasty (jacuzzis) during the chilly desert nights.

4. Head out to the Grand Canyon for a couple of nights

While the Grand Canyon isn’t exactly handy to the Phoenix Metro Area, it isn’t prohibitively far either (3 ½ hour drive), making it a great place to go for a couple of nights prior to your return home.

With the sight of perhaps nature’s greatest wonder unfolding before you, you’ll both know that you have had a honeymoon that neither of you will ever be able to forget in this national treasure of the United States.