Honeymoon in New York City Our Top 5 Romantic Highlights

Honeymoon in New York City: Our Top 5 Romantic Highlights

When many people plan their honeymoon, most people imagine a tropical beach destination dotted with swaying palm trees, or at the very least, a serene place like a mountain town surrounded by snow-capped peaks.

You and your partner will be a little different from most people, because the Jasa SEO ideal involves you in a stimulating big city atmosphere. If this is what you’re both aiming for, then it makes sense to either go big or go home: we highly recommend that you spend your post-wedding vacation in New York City.

Being one of the grandest cities in the world, there is no end to the number of romantic activities you can do here. However, it’s this multitude of possibilities that makes it hard to know what to do first… therefore, it makes sense to have a basic outline of activities guaranteed to get you both out the door exploring everything that’s in there. NYC.

If you need some inspiration, here are our top 5 personal highlights of New York for couples on their honeymoon.

1. Go for a stroll through Central Park

Start your time in the Big Apple by aimlessly wandering through the tree-lined paths of its green heart. With five bodies of water, a space for concerts during the summer, and two of the cities’ leading museums contained within its borders, you’ll be spending the better part of a day discovering all of its secrets, big and small.

2. Catch a show on Broadway

If you love the performing arts, the best in the business grace the stages of Broadway’s theaters on a near-nightly basis. Will you check out a classic like Les Miserables or Phantom of the Opera, or will you patronize new shows, which constantly gun to attain the perpetual held-over status of the formerly named productions? The choice is yours for the making.

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3. See the Big Apple from the air

While the view of the city skyline is remarkable from vantage points such as the Staten Island Ferry, it doesn’t compare to the breathtaking sights enabled by taking a heli tour of NYC. By taking to the skies in a sightseeing chopper, you will both taken aback at the forest of concrete and glass that extends almost to the horizon in almost every direction.

4. Dine in style at The Water Club

This classic fine dining establishment took the brunt of Superstorm Sandy’s fury a few short years ago, but after sopping up the mess left behind and undertaking an extensive renovation, there are open again for business, and thank goodness: the views of Queens and Brooklyn from its frontage on the East River are absolutely stupendous at night. This tableside background pairs well with the amazing food, as the kitchen turns out everything from beef wellingtons to the best seafood the East Coast has to offer.

5. Go skating at Rockefeller Center

While most honeymoons don’t happen during the winter, if yours does (or if you are just going to the city on a romantic getaway separate from your honeymoon well after the fact), you simply must strap on a pair of skates and circuit the skating rink that can be found in front of Rockefeller Center during the cold months of the year.

While you deftly maneuver around the sheet of ice, hands clasped together, and with a toasty hot chocolate in your free one, you’ll understand that romance doesn’t know any particular time of year when you are visiting New York City.

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