Holland - A Romantic Country
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Holland – A Romantic Country

Holland is often known as The Netherlands. Holland is one of the most developed countries of the world and has a population of about 16 million. It is one of the most densely occupied areas of Europe. The culture of Holland has developed due to the colonial rule has multiracial mix. Summer is the best time to visit Netherlands or Holland. The place has become a well known traveler spot of the world and housing is available in plenty in this county.

Holland receives rain all through the year. You can also plan idealistic vacations in Holland with your colleague. The place is among the latest addition in the list of romantic places of the world. The country has taken its place among the top five “Romantic Destinations” of the world, in recent times. Holland has beautiful green fields and beautiful mountain.

The scenic beauty of the place exudes romance. The rustic landscape of the country is also romantic. Holland as a romantic gateway has earned reputation in the recent times. Romantic vacations in Holland offer you more than wine or scenic beauty.

The place has many churches which are architectural wonders. You can plan a romantic tour in Holland with your colleague by covering to these churches. The calm and pristine impression of the churches attracts tourists. Some of the famous churches of Holland are Nieuwe Kerk, Oude Kerk, Oosterkerk and many more. Oude Kerk is on of the oldest parish church. It is situated in Amsterdam.

You can also visit to Keukenhof. It is the most famous tulip flower industry in Holland. If you miss this out then your romantic holiday to Holland will remain incomplete. The bridges of Holland are also well-known and these include Blauwe Brug, Magere Brug, Jan Schaeferbrug, and Python Bridge. Many impressive museums are also available in Holland and is a perfect place for understanding the cultural heritage of Holland.

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The country is famous because of its tranquil ambience.You can visit the Van Gogh museum where you and your colleague will get to see the works of famous painter, Van Gogh. The museum also showcases paintings of various modern artists. Rijksmuseum is another well-known national museum in Holland.

It is located in Amsterdam. The museum displays Asian arts and the collection of paintings from Golden age. Another important place that you can include in your tourism tour in Holland is The Royal Palace in Amsterdam. It was built by Jacob Van Campen in the year 1648.