Top Destinations to Take your Honeymoon
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Top Destinations to Take your Honeymoon

It is tradition for newlyweds to take a vacation or break away after their nuptials to spend some time together as husband and wife. Many enjoy a trip away to an exotic destination to relax in the sunshine, but short breaks to iconic cities are also a popular. Here are three examples of great places to enjoy your honeymoon.

The Maldives

Located in the Arabian Sea – Indian Ocean region, The Maldives is the perfect destination if you are looking to kick back on a beach and relish some peace and tranquillity. The country is laid out over 26 atolls, so there is plenty of you to explore during your stay. All of the resorts on the islands are 5 star, so you will be treated like royalty in any Maldivian hotel.

You can take scuba tours out onto the famed coral reefs taking in some jaw-dropping sea life and visiting the Maldives Victory, a shipwreck which has been on the reef since 1981. With its white sandy beaches and clear blue waters, the Maldives is a picturesque paradise and the perfect place to celebrate your marriage.


Macau’s tourism industry has gone from strength to strength in recent years, making it a great destination to spend your honeymoon. The region is split into two parts; the Old Town and the New Town. The former is in keeping with traditional Chinese culture, as the region is packed with Taoist and Buddhist shrines and temples.

One place worth visiting is Senado Square, listed as UNESCO World Heritage site. But to be part of the thriving new tourism market in the state, you need to visit the New Town. Styled similar to Las Vegas, the town is alive with entertainment facilities, restaurants and hotels. The Venetian complex is one of the finest the area has to offer Borneo, with its canal streets making it feel like you are in Venice itself.

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The resort has a great array of casino facilities which you can quickly learn to play from, as well as bars and shows for patrons to get involved in, so you’ll always find something to keep you busy!


How can any honeymoon list not include the most romantic city of them all – Paris. With its world class restaurants, boutique hotels and renowned shopping quarter, France’s capital would be the ideal place if you were taking a few days for your honeymoon rather than a fortnight. You can enjoy all of the top attractions Paris has to offer too such as the Eiffel Towers, Notre Dame and the Louvre to get that full Parisian experience. And to truly top off a romantic break, why not attach a lock on one of the city’s famed bridges.