Cheap Flights to Major Capital Cities For Holidaying

Cheap Flights to Major Capital Cities For Holidaying

Cheap Flights to Major Capital Cities For Holidaying

Cheap flights to Baltimore take you to the biggest city in Maryland and one of the busiest ports in the US. It is known as the Charm City for its great hospitality and some wonderful attractions. The waterfront area and the Inner Harbor are the heart of this vibrant and growing city and are primarily responsible for its growing reputation as a major travel destination in the US.

Baltimore is situated on the east coast on the edge of the South because of which the weather is moderated by the ocean to quite some extent. The summers are warm while the winters are mild and pleasant. You can take cheap flights to Baltimore any time of the year but October is the time when there is more concentration of tourists from all over the world.

Baltimore Washington International Airport is located 16 km south of Baltimore. The airport train station connects central Baltimore and Washington D.C while the bus services are also available to downtown Baltimore and the Hunt Valley. Airport taxis and car rentals are also available.

There are many places of attraction that you can enjoy when you arrive on those cheap flights to Baltimore. The Maryland Science Center on the Inner Harbor has five storeys of interactive science exhibits. It also houses an IMAX theater, the world famous Davis Planetarium and an observatory. Tourists never miss a chance to visit the National Aquarium which is touted as the best aquarium in the world. The Baltimore and Ohio railroad museum is another major tourist attraction which has an assortment of memorabilia from various stations and trains and is just the right place for those who love a bit of train spotting.

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You can book tickets on cheap flights to Baltimore to be here in time for the SoWeBo Arts festival which showcases more than 40 bands from Baltimore. It is famously called the TopsyTurvy Excursion into Art and Music. Another major event which is an occasion for coming together of visual, literary and performing arts enthusiasts is the Artscape. The Baltimore Book festival and Baltimore Marathon are also major events which cannot be missed while you are here.

You must plan your visit to Baltimore well in advance to avail of the advantages of cheap flights to Baltimore. Visiting here during non-peak season can help you enjoy the place at your own pace.