Beautiful Travel Destinations in Canada

Beautiful Travel Destinations in Canada

Canada, part of North America’s continent is recognized as the second largest country in the world in terms of the area. To explain Canada in one word, the country is beautiful. It is one of the most attractive countries for the tourists to travel per group or even alone. The top 10 places to visit in on your next Canada vacation are shown in the following:

  1. Vancouver

Vancouver is a great tourist city, located at the northern edge of the West Cost between Canada and the United States of America. Canada geographically provides beautiful nature and landscapes. Activities like swimming and skiing are very famous here. Ocean, scenic parks, mountains for skiing and the overall metropolitan feel are the assets of this city.

  1. Banff National Park

At second place we have Banff National Park. It is the first national park of the country.  The beauty of the sceneries of the park can only be believed if visited. The wildlife of the park makes it the most visited national park in the country.

  1. Niagara Falls

The Niagara Falls deserve a place in the top 3 as it is called the honeymoon capital of the world. It is a sequence of 3 waterfalls, providing an awe-inspiring destination for the families. The adventurous feel displayed by the place is just unbelievable.

  1. Montreal

The second largest Canadian city, Montreal is regarded as the financial and cultural capital of the Quebec Province. The city consists of a historic quarter, a downtown district, distinctive neighborhoods and the entertainment district.

  1. Toronto


The largest city of the country, which is also the most populous one, Toronto deserves a strong place in the concerned list.

  1. Quebec City
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More like a European village, the mention of Quebec City makes this list have a complete look. The city is rich in language, heritage and architecture.

  1. Churchill

The town of Churchill hardly has place for about 1,000 residents, but is known as the polar bear capital of the world. The enrichment of the inhabitants makes the town special.

  1. Whistler

A combination of outstanding mountains of Blackcomb and Whistler. This destination is widely regarded as the largest alpine ski destination of North America.

  1. Ottawa

We can’t leave Ottawa if we are talking about best tourist places in Canada. It is the capital of Canada and holds various commercial, federal and financial institutions. The scenic beauties of the city bring peace to the eyes and the mind.

  1. Calgary


Being one of the largest metropolitan locations of the nation, Calgary attracts tourists like anything. The colorful city knows no bound to provide enormous space for entertainment to the visitors.