Canada Travel Guide: Calgary’s Famous Tourist Spots

Canada Travel Guide: Calgary’s Famous Tourist Spots

Calgary is the largest city within the Candian state of Alberta, situated at the east side of British Columbia with its capital city of Vancouver. Alberta is also very famous for its Candian oil culture and is the gateway to the Rocky Mountains at its eastern part. Calgary is also an important center for the trade and tourism in Canada.

Famous Tourist Spots In Calgary

The city is basically a chic urban landscape that has a proper surrounding of natural grandeur with an incomparable way. Entertainment for the tourists at night is also one of the important activities in the city. This place is also very popular for the business where people are buzzing with the entrepreneur energy.

Prince’s Island Park

This wonderful tourist destination lies immediately to the northern part of Eau Claire. This is one of the largest inner city parks of Calgary with number of pleasant trails and island. People come here to walk and relax. Tourists also enjoy pass time during summer season. The park also has the site for Calgary Folk festival.

Calgary Tower

Calgary Tower

Another important tourist spot for people visiting Alberta is the Calgary Tower. It has the command view over the city and even its surroundings. After getting up to this tower, you can easily get a view of rocks and entire glimpse of the city on a clear day. It also has a bar, observation deck and a restaurant. You can also get a fascinating view from its 8th Avenue.

China Town

At the north western portion of downtown Calgary, lays the third largest china town of Canada. This lies at the heart of Asian Diaspora of Calgary. You can view the Pacific Rim influence at the north and eastern side of Calgary. At china town you can get restaurants of Japanese, Chinese, Asian and Vietnamese restaurants.  They are also housed with wonderful cultural facilities. Tourists generally visit this place to consume cuisines belonging to various parts of the world.

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Glenbow Museum

This is the largest Museum of western Canada with around 93,000 square feet of exhibition space. You will be very happy to have a view of more than 20 galleries in the museum filled with artifacts. It is fascinating to know the local history. This museum basically concentrates of variety of art works to make a weekend filled with art and culture.

Calgary Zoo

Calgary Zoo

Visitors can visit Calgary zoo from 9am to 5pm. You can easily have a view of 1000 animals in the Calgary zoo. The species in Calgary zoo has got collected from various parts of the world. If you are the lover of largest ancient animal, namely dinosaurs, you must visit prehistoric park. Botanical garden is also one of the fascinating place for individual visiting Calgary.

Telus Spark

This is a science centre in Canada constructed over a vast land of 18 acres. It includes 4 exhibition galleries with the museum created only for kids. This place is also equipped with HD home theatre with many more fascinating views. You can also have a look at the travelling exhibition galleries in this science based beautiful tourist spots with learning facilities.