Tourist Spots - Top Attractions of Rio de Janeiro

Tourist Spots – Top Attractions of Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is the second largest city in Brazil with its third largest metropolitan area. Today, more than 6.3 million people reside in the largest metropolitan area. Every year, many tourists visit the city for its various tourist attractions.

Tourist Spots and Attractions in Rio de Janeiro

Rio basically have tropical savannah climate which is backed with the long period of rainfall from December to March. During the supper season, the city has the temperature of 40 degree Celsius in the inland areas. Wonderful breeze blows along the coastal areas.

Samba City

This city is very famous due to its being the birth place of Carioca Samba. It has the architectural design with a geometrical shape. It is also the district of Saude with a wonderful construction of city hall. The architecture has a special meaning inspired from ancestral dance of Samba. This dance form has an origination in Africa.

Sugar Loaf Mountain

Sugar Loaf Mountain

Tourist visiting Rio de Janeiro will be spell bound look at the spectacular mountain viewpoint in Rio. You will be very impressed with the Mountain View during a clear day. It is important to check the weather forecast at first and then go for this mountain. Along the cicade maravilhosa, people can easily enjoy the beautiful scenery of the coast and greenery.

Christ the Redeemer

Some people have a sole motive to visit Brazil just to view the statue of Christ the redeemer. According to the new edition, Christ the redeemer is one of the wonders of the world. This acts as an active representative of Rio with its completion of around 82 years in the year 2013. This statue was inaugurated in the year 1931 and is built with a height of 38 meters. It also covers Corcovado Mountain clearly. If you could climb 220 steps earlier, it will easily reach you to the statue. But today, it is no more required.  You can reach to the statue just with a 20 minutes car or tram ride.

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Sugar Loaf Cable Car

Just after the drive till mountain, another way of getting excitement will be the sugar loaf cable car. This is known as one of the oldest cable cars in Brazil which was launched in the year 1912. This is one of the wonderful investments of a Brazilian Engineer, Augusto Ferreira. You can also get pictures of celebrities travelling through these cable cars. You can get the ride of cable car throughout its three stations.

Copacabana Neighbourhood

Copacabana Neighbourhood

This was previous a small shipping village. But, after the establishment of Copacabana Palace hotel, this has flourished very rapidly with many tourists visitors. The area is divided into two main beaches namely Copacabana beach and Leme beach. There are bars, kiosk, and restaurants around the wonderful area. The palace hotel as well as Copacabana fort made the area very famous. Today, this area is known as one of the famous tourist spots in Brazil.

Tijuca Forest

This is one of the largest urban forest in the world. You can also get hundreds of animal and plant species in this forest. Here the trees are replanted by man to maintain the beauty of nature for ever.