Key Amenities of a Miami Beach Hotel

Key Amenities of a Miami Beach Hotel

Thousands of holidaymakers flock to Miami every year to enjoy the warm climate, white sandy beaches and diverse and exciting culture. As one of the most popular tourist destinations in the US, Miami isn’t short of options when it comes to accommodation, with hotels, motels and apartments available to suit every budget and taste.

The Miami hotel has become something of an icon, particularly in Miami Beach, where luxury high rise hotels line the beachfront. The thing which sets some hotels apart from the others is the amenities which they include. If you’re planning on staying in a luxury Miami Beach hotel, check it has the following amenities:

Swimming pool

There’s no better way to cool off on a hot Miami day than a swim in a cool swimming pool. Hotel pools are great for relaxing during the day, keeping active, or providing some much needed entertainment for energetic kids. That said, if seeking a relaxing break, perhaps if on a honeymoon, you may want to check that the hotel has an adults-only pool, as splashing children do little for your zen.

Beach access

If you have opted to stay in a beachfront hotel, the chances are you’ll be planning on visiting the beach at some point. If this is the case, check that the hotel has direct beach access, and that it offers deck chair and umbrella rental. Having direct beach access is a real bonus, as you don’t have to exit the hotel grounds to get to the beach, and you’re close enough to return to your room or to the hotel bar whenever you please.

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Ocean views

Hotels which line Miami’s oceanfront are usually situated there for a reason – the locality and views of the beach and ocean. Many hotels will claim to offer ocean views, but it pays to double check before booking, as perceptions of ‘ocean views’ can differ significantly diet keto. If views are your thing, you may even want to look for a hotel suite with a balcony, which will offer an even better way of taking in those stunning Maimi views.


One of the best things about visiting Miami is the vast array of fine food and drink on offer. The down side to all this eating and drinking is the effect it has on your waistline. For those who like to keep the impact of their holiday indulgence down to a minimum, or for those who generally enjoy a workout, an onsite gymnasium is a must-have hotel amenity. Many hotels also offer weekly classes to help keep you in shape, so if fitness is your thing check what fitness facilities are on offer before booking.

On-site restaurant & bar

On-site restaurants can potentially offer a great alternative to eating out. Not having to travel anywhere is an obvious benefit, but many on-site restaurants offer top-quality food which rivals many of the establishments outside of the hotel. Having an on-site bar presents obvious benefits too, namely that you can enjoy a few drinks at the end of the day, safe in the knowing that your bed is just a short elevator ride away.

Next time you’re looking for a Miami Beach hotel, make sure to check out the amenities on offer.

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