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"I received the helmet today and it fits perfectly! Thank you so much. Can't wait to hit the track in it. I couldn't be happier. You have earned my repeat business."

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Please find below GPhelmets.com Customer Reviews, these are actual reviews, no edits, not altered and no reviews were deleted.
If you have any question about a review, new or old, good or bad feel free to contact us.

Added | 01.01.14 - - Arai GP6 SK6 Tear Offs 1386 - "Good product and amazing delivere."

Added | 12.26.13 - - Excellent service - "Since i´m Brazilian and went to vegas, I had a small window to receive the helmet. I bought it in brazil prior to my trip, expecting to receive the helmet at The Mirage. Everything went perfect. I got it before expected! Perfect product, all tag´s included. Still, got de tracking number to follow the deliver. Nice Service. Leo."

Added | 12.19.13 - - Corsair V helmet - "Couldn't be more happy with my purchase. The helmet is beautiful, the fit and finish is why I buy Arai helmets. Starting with my F-1 Freddie Spencer Replica 1986 or 87. The most comfortable helmets made. The price was excellent also. Thank You"

Added | 12.12.13 - - Superb - "Fantastic"

Added | 12.10.13 - - Arai Ducati Corse side pods - "After a little trouble with the post at our end all the parts arrived in good condition and were easy to fit. I haven't seen these side pods available anywhere else. Thanks to all. I'll be heading straight to gphelmets.com next time."

Added | 12.10.13 - - Satisfied Customer - "Great service. Fast, reliable and the part fitted perfectly. The range of stock is first class. Indeed this was the only place that stocked the part I was looking for. It's like having a brand new helmet. Thanks a lot. A repeat visit guaranteed."

Added | 11.26.13 - - GREAT HELMET - "This by far is the best helmet I have had on my head. Its comfortable and light, all the vents and visor defog are great. It was easy to order what I wanted and delivery was fast and on time. Thank you."

Added | 11.26.13 - - Transaccion Perfecta - "La compra ha sido muy satisfactoria gracias por todo!! Sin duda, si tengo la necesidad, repetiré la compra."

Added | 11.15.13 - - Happy, happy, Happy! - "Just got my new Defiant Character Red and can't be any happier! By far, the Defiant is the best helmet I've ever owned. (Now 4 full face, 1 half helmet) The construction of an Arai out beats all the other helmets on the market. My Shoei and Scorpion full face interior foam is detaching from the shell and the both "squeak"! My older Arai Astra-X, I still use...no problems and is older than the other 2 brands. You guys at GP are great. Thank you! Judy"

Added | 11.15.13 - - Review - "I have received the product without problems and without damages. It is like I requested. To point out that I live in Barcelona (Spain)and the product hace been received in only 10 days. Pefect. thank you"

Added | 11.01.13 - - Corsair V Isle of Man 2013 Helmet - "Just received my new Corsair V, excellent service, fantastic fit, great advice on their website, awesome graphics, I could not be more impressed."

Added | 11.01.13 - - Saved my Helmet! - "Unable to obtain this side pod in UK, thanks to your service in parts, I now have my Helmet back. thanks again, taking your details to my Aral dealer, hope to get you some more business. all the best John. Uk"

Added | 10.18.13 - - Arai shield covers -"The arai shield covers fit perfectly"

Added | 10.18.13 - - Arai base plates -"The base plates fit whitout a problem"

Added | 10.18.13 - - Arai iridium blue mirror shield -"The shield, and it's attachments, and side covers fit was perfect."

Added | 10.04.13 - - Perfecto - "me gusto mucho! my buen trabajo de entrega. volveré a comprar mas con ustedes1 gracias."

Added | 10.04.13 - - Exelente - "muy buen produto, de primera calidad."

Added | 10.04.13 - - Arai RX-Q Helmet - "It's an Arai,so the quality is exceptional. I have a round head, face, the works; so I can definitely say that the fit is not the same as the old Quantum 2. As with anything, once the pads break in, the comfort gets better but it's not a Quantum for us round heads. It's still better than anything else I've come across. The range of vision is fantastic and the air flow is very good at speed. The helmet is reasonably quiet and suffers little from wind buffeting. Truly an all around great helmet."

Added | 10.02.13 - - Perfect - "Fast shipping."

Added | 9.01.13 - - Perfect! - "My Arai Corsair V Scott Russell edition helmet was starting to feel a little on the loose side in the cheek pads so I ordered the 35mm pads. The stock medium size helmet comes with 30mm pads which were perfectly fine and a nice snug fit. However I decided to add some padding and increase the snug fit for a little added protection. I ordered the pads from gphelmets and received them in just two days and in excellent condition. I am very pleased with my transaction and will be doing more business with gphelmet as they have everything you could need for your helmet needs. Thanks again for the easy shopping experience!"

Added | 9.01.13 - - Almost perfect But...- "When you buy this vent, make sure to keep your old screw. The instructions say a new screw is taped to the back of the vent, but in my sealed package there was no screw. Otherwise perfect. Install was easy if you only peel away a portion of the back and fold at 45 degrees outward to allow you to position without the entire vent sticking. Then one at a time pull out the tabs you created, put the screw in and vent to normal position and you're done!."

Added | 9.01.13 - - Love the Arai RX-Q... - "Great fit, quality and finish is exceptional. Just a little bit of an issue with shipping but would definitely recommend GP Helmets and will use them again on any future Arai purchase."

Added | 9.01.13 - - Smooth & easy- "Hello i just wanted to drop a few lines about my online order experience. the site was easy to navigate around and to make sure that I ordered the correct item, all i had to do was go to the helmet that I already have and all the parts that are order-able showed up at the bottom. I finalized my order and my package got to me 3 days later. The only problem i had was that i did not receive the tracking number right away. i had to call GP helmets and they gave it to me, then i received an email that had the tracking number. So good job GP Helmets, my experience was good."

Added | 9.01.13 - - Arai SAI Iridium Blue Mirror Shield Visor - "Just installed the new shield and went out for a ride to check distortion and clarity. Both were great. Very happy with new shield."

Added | 9.01.13 - - Arai cap - "Fits well and seems very well made, now for the long term test."

Added | 9.01.13 - - Needed to replace busted vent - "Took a while to find this site. Vector 2 had fallen off my handlebars and broken part off the plastic rear vent. I was about resign to the fact that I just had a messed up nice helmet. Found the part on here and was so relieved to see it offered in the exact color match. Part went on without a glitch and now we're back good as new."

Added | 9.01.13 - - Perfect - "Good vision."

Added | 9.01.13 - - Collector Edition - "I never saw a beautiful Arai like this. Race layout and exclusive.."

Added | 8.31.13 - - Got my helmet - "thank you gp helmets! super stoked you still had inventory on a discontinued Arai helmet. quickly shipped and all! thanks."

Added | 8.26.13 - - Perfect - "Quick shipping! Thank you."

Added | 8.26.13 - - Helmet accessory - "All I can say is GP Helmets made my order Fast, Easy and Efficient. They are the Go To Pro's for Arai Helmets."

Added | 8.23.13 - - Arai diffusers - "The XD4 is asuper helmet... until you drop it. Glad to know that GPHelmets.com has them in stock."

Added | 8.22.13 - - Arai GP6 PED - " I could not have asked for better customer service. I will recommend GPHELMETS to all my racing buddies. Its great to find a responsible responsive staff. Thanks."

Added | 8.18.13 - - Bang on job - " Could not get the side pod covers for my Edwards helmet any where in Europe but these guys all the way over in the USA sorted me a set and posted them out real fast . Helmet saved i will definitely use these guys again in the future 10/10 people."

Added | 8.016.13 - - Excellent product and fast delivery - " I order this and some other items to be shipped to SIngapore. All came in time. As far as the visor, it looks very good on my dark airai. If you use your helmet a lot at night, outside city with lights, it will be difficult...

Added | 8.13.13 - - Awesome - " First Dark Smoke Shield I've ever owned and it's great for someone that lives in AZ, it's bright most days and this definitely cuts out glare unless you're facing the sun directly which sucks no matter what. It does get a bit toasty though than my mirrored shield on my icon did even with the brow and chin vents open."

Added | 8.13.13 - - Different than I'm used to - " I've owned Icon helmets only prior to my Arai. The emergency release tabs drew me to it. The Airflow is incredible, keeps me cool and the noise level isn't ridiculous. I'm not a fan of the shield replacement. It take a lot of practice, and they're costly to replace. Fortunately I haven't broken mine. The fit of the helmet takes a bit getting used to as well. if the angle isn't correct, you'll leave your chin exposed and your vision could be reduced (so make sure you've got it on right before riding off. other than those two issues I have no problems with this helmet. Great vent features, feels light on my head and comfortable!

Added | 8.12.13 - - Looks amazing - " I ordered my 2nd helmet from GP along with several additional items like the Blue Iridium Mirror Shield and even just on a blank canvas white helmet, the Blue Mirror Shield looks amazing. No visual disturbances were noted anywhere on either of the Blue Mirror shields. Buy with confidence from GP-Helmets.

Added | 8.12.13 - - Must have for 125cc Shifters - " So I need to bet back in shape but in the interim, I am huffing and puffing a bit while banging 6 gears in my shifter kart, this breath guard prevents my Iridium Blue Mirror Shield from fogging up.

Added | 8.12.13 - - Hands down the Cadillac of helmets - " I am like the Imelda Marcos of Helmets, I've goy Suomy's, Shoei's and several different models of Arai as I've raced motorcycles for many years. This GP6 is hands down the most comfortable helmet you can place on your head. I am sending mine off to Patrice @ SmartRacePaint so he can bling it out for me like he did for my GF's helmet. Thanks to GP for having such killer deals on amazing Arai products.

Added | 8.12.13 - - Better to have and not need than... - " I err on the side of caution and hope I never have to use the eject system but should a situation arise where medical personnel need to extricate my head from my Arai, I know that the Eject system will help prevent any additional neck/spine trauma.

Added | 8.05.13 - - Arai SAQ Dark Smoke Shield Visor 1502 - " Many thanks great seller and will for sure do business again with you!

Added | 8.05.13 - - Defiant Character Red - " OMG ...It's already here!!!I ordered the helmet on Thursday ..chose free shipping ...was scheduled for Mon-Tue..but I got it on Fri ..the very next day.GPHELMETS Customer service is top notch....also they are the biggest stockists of Arai I believe .Arai Defiant character red in med wasn't available anywhere ...but these guys had it in stock..and I got it the v nxt day.👍👍👏👏👏keep up the good worK GP.

Added | 7.19.13 - - Positive experience - " correct order shpd and rcvd. very happy with customer service/follow up. i expect to purchase a shield/parts for my old signet series helmet. good experience overall!! packing of shield was good. i ship/receive goods daily for my job and was satisified with this shipment as well.

Added | 7.19.13 - - Arai Heads Up - " GP super to deal with. Competent & helpful all the way. Isle of Man is exquisite! An absolute beauty. 1st ride 8 hrs in temps reaching high 90s. Head stayed comfortable. Helmet did not feel heavy even after 8 hrs. Minor drag even when gawking around at high speed. Versatile as can be for features. Now that's a helmet...oy!

Added | 7.17.13 - - On Time Right Product - " The package arrived in a couple of days, the merchandise was correct, fit well, and absolutely no hassle

Added | 7.13.13 - - Switched to Frost Black - " Nice fit and finish. Always with Arai

Added | 7.13.13 - - Arai dark smoke shield - " The dark shield is really the perfect shade of tint for daylight travel on your bike. The optical quality is very good. The only problem is removing and replacing the shield on the Arai helmet. But with time that procedure will probably become easier to accomplish.

Added | 7.13.13 - - Arai Gold Visor - " Arai are a beautiful visor, have all ways had arai helmets..an there visor are the best out there...you get know clear with these visor, even on a cloudy gloomy days still excellent vision..an if you look after them they will last for a long time,an the gold mirror shield visor dose look cool,get lots of looks...i am very--very pleased with my arai visor

Added | 7.08.13 - - Great Product - " Great service, Great pricing

Added | 7.08.13 - - Fantastic Service and Pricing - "IA small hiccup in my order was immediately handled professionally and without question. Thank you for your excellent customer service. I'll be using you for all my Arai needs from here on out.

Added | 6.29.13 - - Great helmet! Great Service - "It goes without saying that the Arai Corsair V is an outstanding helmet! This is not the first one In my collection and probably not the last! I was truly impressed with the service from GP Helmets! Fast, professional, great communication and updates! The helmet was packed very safely for shipment!"

Added | 6.29.13 - - Good Store - "They were the only place that had the helmet I wanted that I could find. He said the only place in the country which I'm sure isn't true but I got it and fast free shipping. Kinda disappointed they don't have a military discount but like I said I couldn't find it anywhere else which is the only reason why I went with them.."
GPhelmets - If you can only find it here, it is probably because no one else has it. We love our troops and will look into offering a military discount in the near future.

Added | 6.29.13 - - Excellent - "Excellent."

Added | 6.21.13 - - Perfect purchase - "Worked out really well. I'm very satisfied with my decision to order this helmet. Thanks for your service!."

Added | 6.20.13 - - Arai helmet - "Excellent service and extremely fast delivery very very happy AA."

Added | 6.15.13 - - Great helmet, Great Service - "You won't find a better made helmet than an Arai. If it fits your head shape it should be top of your shopping list. The TT design is even better looking in person (there is a subtle metallic fleck through the paint which really catches the sun). The Corsair shape flows a lot of air and is very light. I already have an RX-Q which I love but this has become my new favorite helmet. To be honest I read a negative review of GP Helmets.com online but I gave them a chance anyway and they totally exceeded my expectations with regards to turnaround and delivery time. The helmet was also untouched, box fresh, not some repackaged customer return. Extra mint, just the way I like it!."

Added | 6.013.13 - - Excellent helmet - "Excellent helmet and was impressed by all my friends."

Added | 6.07.13 - - Perfect iridium red for any helmet - "The visor arrived within 3 days of ordering. I held it up to my '91 Senna helmet and it looked awesome. Great contrast in color. I'm getting a Schumacher helmet which will look even better then the yellow of Senna's. This is my 5th item purchashed with gphelmets. I will continue to by more. Thanks.."

Added | 6.05.13 - - Arai Corsair V TT IOM 2013 - "I just wanted to say how impressed I am with the service. The helmet just arrived today - much sooner than I was expecting. It also came very neatly packed and everything was in pristine condition. Unlike orders from other retailers I have used, when I cut the packing tape I felt like I was the first person to open the box since it left the Arai factory. Now I can watch the Senior TT race on Friday with my 2013 TT helmet on :-) I am a big Arai fan and you just became my preferred dealer with this performance.."

Added | 6.04.13 - - Arai Matsudo Helmet - "I got the helmet some what quickly. But the price was great and was exactly what I ordered."

Added | 5.31.13 - - Expensive Shipping - "Shipping was quite expensive for an items the size and weight of a tiny thimble. The item was not shipped immediately."
GPhelmets - Unfortunately UPS shipping charges are getting more and more expensive, and an order for $19.90 worth of product does not qualify for Free ground shipping, therefore our $12.50 flat rate applies.
Order was placed on friday the 17th, Shipped on Monday the 20th and delivered on the 22nd

Added | 5.27.13 - - Excellent! - "Excellent shop, great communication, fast shipping and amazing prices! A++ I'm very satisfied with the purchase.."

Added | 5.25.13 - - Brilliant - "I bought a GP-6S and had Jason Fowler (JLF Designs) paint a '91 Senna theme and added this green iridium shield visor to it and it really ties it all together. The yellow and green contrast is spot on. I wish I could include a picture."

Added | 5.25.13 - - Okada Helmet - "Helmet looks great. Price was right. And got it fast ."

Added | 5.21.13 - - Great Experience - "I had a great experience shopping with you guys and will do it again as you are a trusted sight of which provides the most clear and simple information when it comes to purchasing arai helmets"

Added | 5.21.13 - - Great Experience - "It was easy for me to find the PED kit to fit my helmet due to how well this sight has been constructed. thankyou very much"

Added | 5.20.13 - - Arai CT-Z Helmet - "So far so good they fit perfectly"

Added | 5.20.13 - - Arai CT-Z Helmet - "Quick Ship. So far I love the helmet."

Added | 5.20.13 - - Arai Side Pods - "Had a pleasant transaction, super fast delivery. Would happily deal with again, A+++ Thanks."

Added | 5.14.13 - - Arai Iridium Visor - "Really nice! and prompt shipping."

Added | 5.14.13 - - Arai RX-Q UK Flag helmet 2013 - "Very impressed witht he fast service. The helmet was backordered so was pleasantly surprised when I received an e-mail that the helmet had shipped just a few days after. Nice job!"

Added | 5.13.13 - - My Order - "It came on time ...price was right."

Added | 5.12.13 - - Arai Profile Cheek Pads, Arai quality as always. Perfect fit. GP has our future buisness. Shipping was lickety split. Thanks.

Added | 5.10.13 - - Arai Edwards Pods,Items were accurate and shipped fast. The only downside is that I didn't get a tracking # for the shipping. Received an email stating "here is your #" but no number. This will not stop me from doing business with them again though.

Added | 5.07.13 -- Super comfertable,This helmet is VERY comfortable and very light. The ventilation system is good at high speeds. The vents close up really well in winter time. I do not get any cold air coming into the helmet at all.The ability to change thickness of the padding is really useful. I had to change mine out to something thinner as my hair grew and I didn't have to buy a new helmet.

Added | 5.06.13 -- Excellent Service, I ordered two helmets and received them within 3 weeks (which is fast - given local time constraints). The helmets were packed ;in such a way that they arrived without damage. I shall make use of this supplier without hesitation in the future.

12/10/12 I can't thank GP Helmets enough. Like a dope, I ordered the wrong color, simply not paying attention when I hit the "order" button and through no fault of GP. Called GP and they couldn't have been nicer, I shipped the "wrong" helmet back to them and they promptly sent the correct color replacement, with nary of complaint by the way. Thanks for the excellent service!!

11/29/12 Great service, the helmet was delivered right on time and perfectly packed. will happily do business again with you.

11/27/12 Easy to fit and dark enough for the Aussie sun!

11/27/12 Great quality...superb fit and best helmet out there for the money. You get what you pay for after all.

11/18/12 It was great to find the pinlock solution for my older Corsair RX-7 helmets - great price and prompt delivery. Very happy. Thanks! :)

11/18/12 Thanks for stopping me ordering the wrong insert for the visor - when ordering from Australia returns can be a bit expensive! Delivering the right visor and insert - priceless! :)

10/13/12 The Arai Diffuser set worked perfectly and was an easy fix for the helmet

10/16/12 Excellent website to order helmet parts from.

10/16/12 Parts were an exact fit and delivery was very prompt.

10/16/12 Parts were genuine Arai OEM.

10/14/12 Perfect paint match for my 5 yr old Arai Profile.

10/14/12 Everything is golden........ Spot on. Great service. A little tight on cheeks. wonder if they make XXL ?

10/01/12 Timely delivery, these save your visor, cheap insurance

09/27/12 I placed my order on a Friday, for a Arai helmet. It was second day free and I got it on Tuesday! Awesome. This is what I call great customer service! They promise and they deliver it. No excuses after the purchase is complete, but you get what you were promised.

09/27/12 This was a gift for a family member, but he is very happy with it and so am I!! The product is great and as a gift, it is even better, since I know my cousin will not complain or return it.

09/26/12 very well packaged item fitted straight on the helmet

09/26/12 likes the dark smoke one a lot better as he rides more during the day. i hope to deal with you in the near future.thank you terry

9/20/12Helmet that was originally ordered turned out to be no longer available, GPHelmets offered an up grade to newer model helmet at no additional charge. Helmet shipped quickly and in perfect condition. Thanks

9/19/12 Purchased the GP5W helmet and the HANS posts. The order was initially delayed, but GP Helmets took care of it by sending the helmet to me using 2nd day delivery. The item was delivered without any problem. I would highly recommend dealing with GP Helmets.

9/19/12 Shipping was prompt. Shield is clear as expected from Arai. Just dark enough so you can't see in but light enough for low light conditions.

9/17/12 Helmet is great. Better communication when there is a delay is needed.

09/15/12 The service and price was great. The quality of the helmet was perfect.

9/13/12 I had to get a smaller liner but other than that this helmet is the best of the best.

9/09/12 As advertised on the website, comparable pricing and quick delivery.

9/05/12 I ordered a helmet awhile back from you, and am happy to report that it is a success.......it's beautiful!

08/22/12 GPHelmets went above and beyond to help me get in the right helmet and make sure that it was comfortable. I will be doing business again in the future! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!

8/09/12 Good deal, arrived on time an in perfect condition

8/09/12 Good, they fit perfect and help a lot, thanks.

7/14/12 Beautiful helmet. Good price. Arrived in a timely fashion.

7/11/12 I upgraded to this Helmet from a Profile and the Corsair V is worth every penny!

7/05/12 Absolutely a great experience. Had to exchange helmet for next size, not problems at all. Very friendly and quick. Will definitely be using them again for future items.

7/03/12 two 30 minute motos at 2 different J Day events in New England, both days real warm, this helmet kept the air flowing, looked great, was real light weight. I LIKE IT!!!.

7/2/12 shipping was pricey but I got it fast thanks!

6/21/12 Great product and excellent coustomer service, Thank you for your all help and time. P.S I will use your company for my future purchase / and recommend to all rider/ friend

6/20/12 great helmet...nice guys

6/20/12 Great replacement for my Signet-Q as the 'Pinlock" system on this helmet is not all that great and replacing the shield is easier and quicker than the pinlock system.

6/06/12 These side-pods arrived on time and in perfect condition. I am delighted GPHelmets had these hard-to-find parts in stock so I could restore a slightly older helmet to perfect working order.

6/06/12 I bought this for my husband because his old Quantum 2 was stolen. I don't know why Arai stopped producing this "shape". I was happy GP could find one for him!

6/05/12 This looks great on the helmet and was easy to swap out with the original clear visor.

6/05/12 Beautiful, well-fitting helmet. Arai quality and a great price! Thank you!

6/01/12 Despite the shipping mishaps, I was satisfied with the way the staff handled my order. They made sure that my order was correct and that I receive it promptly. Once I got my helmet I couldn't be happier. Very satisfied with the outcome. Keep up the good work

5/30/12 Perfect shield, just like all my other Arai shields.

5/30/12 Ordered last remaining Edwards 8 size L RX7 Corsair RR4. Victor said it had a scratch so I changed the order to Randy Silver. I had some communication gaps during the process, but info was good when I got it from Victor, Chris, and Cathy. It took a couple of weeks, but arrived today. It seems that my NOS helmet was not in the Scottsdale store, but was imported to Oceanside, then packaged with my extra shield and sent to me. The helmet is perfect, as all my Arai helmets have been in the past. Paint is excellent. Fit is perfect for my head shape, which is why I wanted the discontinued RR4 instead of the new Corsair V. The smell of a new Arai helmet is as intoxicating as the smell of a new car!

5/23/12 Everyone else was sold out ,but didn't have to wait long from here. Great place.

5/23/12 They had what i needed in stock. Liner fit perfect.

5/23/12 Product shipped with the helmet, am happy with my purchase. Would have bought the siver one but there were no pictures on the website and the descriptions were not clear enough to pick out the silver.

5/23/12 I will be honest GP Helmets were not the first place I looked for this helmet, lots of places said they had it but not in my size (med). I was happy to place my order with GP Helmets, shipping was a little high, adding $60 to an already pricey helmet, but was as quick as any cros border purchase so I am happy. I will use GP Helmets again.

5/22/12 This helmet is fantastic. The fit is great and the quality of workmanship is superb. I just replaced my aging Signet GTR with the Q. there was no need to even consider a different helmet.

5/21/12 Always Like a full Dark Smoke Shield as Compared to an Insert.. Great Service GP Helmets!

5/21/12 Very Nice Helmet, Racer Black is really Black and White, Not Really Silver as it shows in Picture... Very Nice Helmet, fits, Identical to for me as my 2003 Signet GTR. Hard to Beat Arai Helmets! Excellent Customer Experience from GP Helmets, Thank you!

5/17/12 Great service exactly what I wanted at a fair price.

5/09/12 Excellent Product, This is the best Helmet around. Solid Construction, Beautiful condition. Very Helpful Staff. Met All My Needs!! Thanks

4/29/12 As usual up the the highest standard, fits and looks great.

4/28/12 As usual, I received exactly what I ordered in a timely fashion, in excellent condition. Thank you GP Helmets!!

4/28/12 Helmet arrived today - love it. Communication from your team was quick and friendly and it shipping to NZ faster than expected. Thank you!

4/26/12 Excellent Product, as it should be.

3/22/12 Wanted to thank you and your organization for being their word and excellent service provider/s I have my helmet thank you and it made the journey well & no damage sustained. Very Happy to promote your business and will indeed do so. You have made my day thanks guys

3/21/12 "Thanks for your great prices and service. My Arai Signet-Q is the best fitting, most comfortable helmet I've ever owned. When it needs to be replaced in five years, I'll be back to GP Helmets."

Thanks man... The helmet looks awesome. Everyone loved it at the races.. I will be sending people your way very soon for some more helmets.

I received my helmets last night and they are excellent. Also I want to thank your staff for including the Arai Catalog, very informative, and excellent company to say the least.

I just picked up the helmet and my wife loves it. Thank you again and I will definitely purchase and recommend your business in the future.