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Arai Resources

We know there are a lot of questions out there regarding Arai helmets, features and maintenance so we have put together some of the most common questions.  We have been dealing with Arai for many years and consider ourselves specialists so if you have any questions you don't see on the list please give us a call at 480.483.7223 or email info@gphelmets.com and we will be happy to help

All Arai Helmet Lines

What kind of warranty does my Arai Have?
Arai was the first company to have the confidence in its product to offer a full 5 Year Limited Warranty and they have been offering it for the last 15 years. Only recently have others extended their warranties past one year. Should you trust in a manufacturer that doesn't trust its helmets for more than one year?  Check the Arai Warranty page for more details

Can I paint my helmet or use decals?
Yes, Arai helmets can be painted, check your manual for instructions, but before painting all plastic parts must be removed. DO NOT remove any rubber trim and be sure to cover the inside of the helmet entirely to avoid damage to the inner part of the helmet from the aggressive fumes. DO NOT remove the inner lining, chinstrap or rubber trim for any reason. Although you can paint your own helmet we recommend having a professional do it to ensure it is done properly. Self adhesive decals or stickers can also be used on the helmet and don't have any impact on the material.

How do I clean my visor?
The following is from Arai's Notes On UseIf your shield becomes too scratched or uncleanable, replace it with a new one.  Impaired visibility causes accidents.  Clean your shield with a mild soap and lukewarm water, rinse well with clean water, and dry with a soft cloth.  Never use benzene, gasoline or any other solvents.  There are many "aggressive" cleaners on the market, including some supposed to be specifically for use on shield.  Arai strongly recommends that you do now use any such products to clean your shield as some of their ingredients may have damaging effects on the shield and other plastics installed on your helmet.  Do not attach stickers or adhesive tape to the shield as this will weaken the hard coating.  These can damage the shield.  It tinted, the shield is for daylight use only.

Why does Arai use double ring fasteners on their helmets?
Currently the double d rings are the safest way to fasten a helmet. Quick fastener sometimes used by other companies may be damaged or dirt can become built up inside and may influence proper functioning. It is mandatory for grand prix racers to use a system similar to the double d ring for racing.

Is there a difference in auto racing and motorcycle helmets?
Yes, auto racing helmets are manufactured with fire resistance Nomex material. Due to regulations the shield is also stronger and thicker with smaller openings. Since the are intended for race use only auto racing helmets are approved with the worldwide SNELL approval.

Can the inside comfort material be cleaned?
Removable interior parts may be washed in lukewarm water and mild soap. Helmets with fixed interior parts may also cleaned using a moist sponge with lukewarm and soap. After cleaning use a clean moist sponge to remove the soap. Dry the helmet upside down allowing the remaining water to escape through the ventilation holes. NEVER use stoves or other heating appliances to dry helmets, high temperatures will damage inner liner material.

Is it true professional racers use the same helmet I can buy?
Yes, all Arai helmets are made to the same standards; there are no special, trick, one off, or racer only models that only resemble the one you buy because of the paint scheme. In fact, Arai's most famous racing champions wear the exact same Arai helmet you can buy. How many other helmet companies can say that - and back it up? That tells you a lot about Arai's confidence in their products and the standards they are manufactured to. The president and son Arai's founder Michio Arai says: "Arai has only one standard. All Arai helmets are made the same, whether for a world racing champion or a street or dirt rider. How can you say one person's head is worth more than another's?"

How long will my helmet last?
This comes down to how much use your helmet gets.  For instance if you use your helmet everyday it will need to be replaced more often than if it is just used on the weekend.  If your helmet sees an average amount of use than a good rule is to replace you helmet 5 years after the first use.

What can I do with my old helmet?
At GPhelmets.com we have a trade in program many of you will be able to take advantage of.  Call for details.

Arai Motorcycle Helmet Line

Is there any shield ventilation?
Yes, there are two brow vents on the top edge of the shield that can be open and closed.  For damp conditions at low speeds, the demist lock can be used to create a narrow gap between the shield and helmet to avoid fogging.  In this open position the shield remains locked from opening at higher speeds.

What is the silicon fluid in the box for?
The silicon fluid is for lubricating the plastic parts on the visor hinge system.  It can also be used on the eye port rubber trim to keep it smooth.  Please refer to the helmets instructions for proper application.  Should not be used on any other parts. 

What are the helmet shapes?
The motorcycle helmets are made with different interior shapes, these are based on the relationship between the length and width of your head.  Below you can see what they mean:
  •  Long Oval: Very long front to back and very narrow sided to side.  Long oval helmet models: Signet Q and Profile.
  • Intermediate Oval: Shorter front to back and a little wider side to side.  Intermediate oval helmet models: Corsair V, RX-Q,  Vector 2, Vector, XD4, XD3, VX Pro 3
How does the Pinlock visor work?
The pinlock inner visor is mounted between the two anchor points on the inside of the original Arai visor.  There is a silicon bead on the edge to prevent moisture and air from getting trapped between the two layers.  This together with the ventilation ducts and anti fog position of the visor make misting a thing of the past. 

Arai Auto and Karting Lines

Do the 6 series visors fit the older helmets?
No, the GP6 and SK6 models have a new visor design specific to 6 series helmet.  We do carry the 5 series visors for the GP5 and SK5 models.  The GP5 W also has a visor specific to it because of the larger eye port. 

Where can I get HANS posts fitted?
All New Arai auto helmets have a Snell SAH2010 M6 certification, they are supplied by the factory with M6 threaded inserts already installed on the helmet shell. The Hans Posts SAH type are now installed from the outside only.  We have in stock the Arai hans posts in both Black or Silver,  installation on a new helmet when it is purchased is free, or the Hans Post can be purchased separately. 

Which is the most suitable for karting?
The SK-6 are most suitable for karting due to their more durable non-fire resistant lining.  But if you take part in multiple types of motor sports the GP-6S and GP-6 PED can also be used in many classes.