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GP Helmets has gathered the most frequently asked questions and listed them here. Hopefully these answers will clarify questions you have. If you have additional questions or need more information please contact our sales team at 480-483-7223 or email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I Measure my Head?

A. The best way to measure you head is to use a soft tape measure right above the ears. Please see our Arai sizing chart for more information.

Arai Size Diagram

Q. How can I tell the build date of my helmet?

A. Every Arai Helmet has the build date on it either on the right side chin strap or stamped on the D-Ring
Arai Helmet Build Date

Q. What is my Helmet Model or Color?

A. The Arai helmets have the model name on the back. The color or graphic style is not written on the helmet. If you are trying to purchase side covers or determine your helmet color feel free to email us a photo to  and our sales team will help you identify which helmet you have.

Q. What Certification does my helmet have?

A. Inside your Arai Helmet you will find a rectangular Snell Certication sticker. Some Auto Helmets will also have a FIA sticker on the inside or on the back. For more information please see our Helmet Certifications page.

Q. SAI vs SAQ Arai Shield

A.  Arai SAI shield will fit the following helmets; Corsair-V, RX-Q, Signet Q, Vector 2, and Defiant. 
Arai SAQ shield will fit; Profile, Vector, Rx-7 Corsair, Quantum 2, and Quantum F.

Q. What Pads are in my Helmet?

A. Many of the Arai Helmets have interchangable pads. The best way to find out what pads you have is to look. The Cheek Pads will have the size in mm listed on the back. The Top Liners will have a tag with a roman numeral indicating shell size I(XS), II(SM), III(M, L), IV(XL), and a size in mm. Please see our Arai Motorcycle Accessories page for more information about a specific Helmet.

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