Arai RX-Q Diamond White Motorcycle Helmet 2XL

The brand new Arai RX-Q is purpose built to be the "utimate street helmet." A new benchmark in comfort, quiet, stability and ventilation. Every feature is optimized for the conditions, speeds and environment of the real world. The RX-Q bloodline began with the original X-7 back in 1979, evolving a few years later into the iconic RX-7 model series that effectivley changed the face of helmet design. The RX-Q has been designed to be a cut above all others. Arai applied the same tireless 24-7 focus usually reserved for race helmets to designing it. Refining and adapting proven concepts to a new purpose. As a result, the new RX-Q is aimed at the expirenced street rider. A rider who can readily feel and appreciation the difference built into this amazing new Arai helmet.

Arai Interior Shapes

  • Extra Wide Peripheral View
    • Allows for better visability and awareness of the world around the rider.
    • The RX-Q uses the same wider-eyeport SAI facesheild as the Corsair-V, 5mm wider on each side.
  • Hand-Formed Nautral Shell Shape
    • Small, more aerodynamic, hand-formed natural shell shape.
    • The size aids in stability and stillness.
    • Minimizes the negative aerodynamic effect when turning your head to check traffic or in a cross wind.
  • Advanced Ventilation
    • The vents have been refined to be extremley efficient, flowing huge volumes of air through the interior to improve ventilation at road speeds.
  • Lower Center of Gravity
    • A uniquely designed lower Hyper-Ridge circles the shell bottom to improve strength and aerodynamics.
    • This design lowers the center of gravity for an exceptionally Light feeling on the rider's head.
    • Provides a larger bottom opening for easier on-off without enlarging the helmet.
  • Removalable Neckroll
  • Emergency Cheek Pad Removal System.
  • Once Piece Bottom Edge Trim
    • New one piece bottom edge trim provides a clean loook by eliminating the need for seams.
  • Improved Comfort
    • The RX-Q truly-unique newly-scuplted cheekpad shape cradles the head from underneath for a level of comfort and security that needs to be felt to be belived.
    • With more surface area, it moves away from the typical "pressure fit" to a more "comfort fit" based on the design's "cradle" support.
    • The design was influenced by Arai's F-1 drivers, the most demanding of all for fit.
    • The newly sculpted lower portion of the cheek pad better cradles the jaw, blocking more noise entering the helmet from underneath.
  • Aerodynamic Exhaust Vent Cowling
    • New more aerodynamic upper and side exhaust vent cowling, sculpted to enhance stability while increasing exhaust efficiency.
    • The side cowls are tailored to the needs and speeds of the street.
  • Handmade Craftmanship
    • Arai's exceptional handmade craftmanship is made to a higher standard of protection, comfort and quality.
  • Brow Vent Channeling
    • The RX-Q facesheild brow-vents redirect incoming air to the temples and around the ear area.
    • The stale air is then extracted out the side exhaust cowls.
  • Flourescent and or bright finishes used in certain Arai helmets are not covered by warranty and made fade with the passage of time and exposure to the elements.
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