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Arai CT-Z Black Frost Motorcycle Helmet 2XL[Arai-A83106]

Arai CT-Z Black Frost Motorcycle Helmet 2XL

Arai CT-Z Black Frost Motorcycle Helmet 2XL[Arai-A83106]


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Description Improving on the revolutionary XC-Ram, the new CT-Z enhances the riding experience by offering the benefits of a peak/shield combination, with the flexibilty of choice. The new CT-Z: Yet another example of Arai?s decades-long tradition of the improving on what works, not simply change for the sake of unproven change. Arai changes are functional. Our design intent has always been singular and unbroken: a better helmet with better protection and performance for the riders who choose it. The CT-Z presents a major improvement: nothing short of redefining how open-face helmets can look?and protect. The most telling feature is the extended coverage in the lower jaw-cheekpad area- extending 1 3/16" forward compared to its previous?and traditional?open-face 3/4 helmets. The look itself is advanced, and it provides options that allow the helmet to better suit each riders unique requirments. But like everything we do, our primary objective is to build a better helmet." Technically, that means providing a measure of lower-jaw protection that?s been missing from previous open-face helmets that leave that part of the face exposed.

Arai Interior Shapes

  • Adjustable Peak
    • The adujstable peak offers just the right amount of protection from the sun for just about any rider for those long rides heading directly into the sun.
    • The Dual Pivot shield mechanism allows the shield to "flip up" and under the peak at a low angle.
    • This allows for a very low profile peak, reducing drag or "bucketing" at higher speeds.
  • Upper Vent System
    • Upper Vent System borrowed directly from the Corsair-V, improving the airflow and helmet stability even further. DF-11 Diffusers have larger vent toggles for easier operation.
  • Fixed Air-Wing
    • New Fixed Air-Wing? reduces lifting while providing additional stability at highway speeds.
  • FCS Cheek Pad
    • New FCS(TM)cheek pad design is more similar to the full face helmet style; with a full coverage EPS base and removable covers.
    • The FCS offers more support over a wider area, which allows for superior stability and comfort with minimal pressure, which might otherwise cause discomfort.
    • Like its full coverage counterpart the FCS cheek pad comes standard with a 5mm peel away that allows for you to microfit your helmet to your facial structure.
  • Dry-Cool Liner
    • Fully removable Dry-Cool liner, with removable surface pads from both sides of the headliner.
    • Allows you to fully customize the fit of the CT-Z, without the purchase of additonal padding.
  • Vented Neck Roll
    • Vented neck roll takes advantage of existing airflow from around the rider?s neck to further enhance helmet ventilation by extracting more heat buildup from interior.
  • Notes:
    • Fluorescent and or bright finishes used in certain Arai helmets are not covered by warranty and may fade with the passage of time and exposure to the elements
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